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MetaVision Games

We are MetaVision, a team of game developers as well as a platform for indie game developers to share games, with a common goal to expand the gaming industry in the blockchain through interactive and social games. Website:


Bekhzodov Fozilbek: Tech Lead and Unity Developer
Extensive experience in Unity and C#. Two successfully launched games in Play Market. Analytical thinking and passion for work.
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Nazarov Javokhir: Unity Developer
Highly qualified professional with wide multinational experience in IT. Project development and program maintenance expert. Co-developer two games with current team member Bekhzodov Fozilbek.
Rozmetov Bahtiyar: Co-Founder and Chief of External Affairs Crypto Enthusiast.
Great passion for studying the crypto world from the technical side. Experience in building and managing a team. Responsible and stress-resistant.
Bekhzodov Ziyodbek: Co-Founder / Project Manager and Game Producer
Persistent and ambitious connects business goals with technological solutions. Striving for professional self-improvement in technology and business.
Nechvolod Dmitry: CTO
Led and supervised two projects, including the Founder of, in technical development since 2018. Hardworking, responsible, and multi-tasking.
Zhirova Olga: Advisory / Proposed Role: Business development & Investment Relations
3 startups, 1 exit, founder of LEAFES (smart & digital fashion brand & IT platform). Strong multinational expertise in Web3, Tech, and Business development.
Artur Makhnach: Blockchain Developer
Blockchain developer with a vast experience in algorithms, computational devices, and security. CTO of a DefiMoon security and development firm, leading multiple web3 projects, tech advisor to Dream Conduit, and a Blockchain technologies & Cryptography lecturer at the university level.
Elnur Bayaliyev: Marketing Lead
Fintech professional, co-founder of two startups (Web-development and DAO). MSc Global Finance at Bayes Business School, MSc Digital Economy at King’s College London.
Vlada Vaynberg: Marketing Manager & Community Lead
Created an Instagram agency for creating Instagram masks and we have been number one in the Russian market. Leading manager and responsible for the strategy at Just Cats Club. Marketing and design manager at Mr. Pistachio's project.
Aleksey Zhelyabin: Blockchain Developer
Web3 solidity developer with experience in DeFi applications and security.
Igor Timofeenko: Blockchain Developer
Web3 front-end developer with a large commercial projects experience. Teaching junior developers about web3 front-end tools and overlooking students' projects.
Khay Diana: 2D designer
Main skills consist of the development of concepts and the creation of full-fledged illustrations (character + background) Improving skills in the 2D sphere.
Botirov Mukhammadjon: 3D designer
Practical knowledge in the field of visualization, 3D modeling, and design. Creative thinking and imagination and the desire to improve skills.


Senome Games - The team consists of all the specialists to develop games. Link:
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Metabrozz - The team includes more than 10 various design specialists.
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